The C3NiT day will be held in Linköping on 12th of November 2019. This one-day workshop is the prime event to present the latest research developments in the Swedish Centre for III-Nitride Technology, C3NiT – Janzén. The workshop  features invited talks by leading experts in the field of GaN technology for RF & Power Electronics,  from Europe, Japan and USA.

C3NiT Centre Day - 12th of November 2019

Jun Suda Department of Electronics, Nagoya University, Japan
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Sylvain Delage, III-V lab
Perspective on GaN RF technology of the future
Ezgi Dogmus, Yole Development
Overview on GaN RF and power market
Grace Xing, Cornell University
Power Electronics Based on GaN and Ga2O3 Bulk Substrates
Elke Meissner, Fraunhofer IISB
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Peter Raad, Southern Methodist University
Thermal analysis and thermal management of electronic devices
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