Advanced Epitaxial Growth

In this project we aim at developing controllable growth of thick low-doped Ga(Al)N epitaxial layers on SiC and GaN, N-polar III-Nitride epitaxy and GaN regrowth in trench structures by hot-wall MOVPE. Focus is placed on design and implementation of a new quartz-free reactor .

Project leader: Jr. Tai Chen (LiU, SweGaN)
Deputy leader: Vanya Darakchieva (LiU)

Partners: Linköping University, Chalmers University, SweGaN AB, Epiluvac, ABB, ON Semiconductor, Saab

Vertical GaN power devices

Vertical power devices have advantages to achieve high breakdown voltage and current levels without enlarging the chip size as well as to gain a high reliability by moving the peak electric field away from the surface. We aim at development of GaN-on-GaN unipolar and bipolar diodes and vertical transistors for middle voltage range (600 V – 2 kV). Technological issues such as growth of low-dislocation-density thick GaN with low background doping, controlled n-type and p-type in-situ and ex-situ doping, and device processing will be explored. Device performance simulations will be used for the design and thermal management of the device structures.

Project leader: Olof Kordina (LiU, SweGaN)
Deputy leader: Plamen Paskov (LiU)

Partners: Linköping University, Chalmers University, SweGaN AB, Epiluvac, ABB, ON Semiconductor

Simulated current density in a vertical 600 V Schottky barrier diode with 2-mm-thick GaN drift layer.

Lateral HEMTs for high frequency  and power applications

IR-image of a multifinger GaN HEMT fabricated and measured at Chalmers

In this project we will explore new approaches in the overall design of HEMTs for high frequency and power applications. Not only frequency and power capability are in focus, but also other parameters that are important in microwave and power systems, such as flicker noise and linearity. New III-nitride semiconductors, epitaxial structures, as well as devices are designed, grown, and evaluated at material and device level. The device performance is designed and evaluated from an application relevant standpoint.

Project leader: Niklas Rorsman (Chalmers)

Partners: Linköping University, Chalmers University, SweGaN AB, Epiluvac, ABB, ON Semiconductor, Saab, Ericsson, Gotmic AB, UMS

MMIC technology

In this project we explores advanced concept of integration of GaN HEMTs for high frequency and low power electronics. A base line technology of microstrip MMIC with GaN transistors (HEMTs) and diodes  is to demonstrate circuit functionality for novel material and device concepts developed in the “Lateral HEMTs for high frequency  and power applications”-project. Furthermore, the density of integrated circuit are increased by investigating multilevel MMIC based on spin on dielectrics (eg. BCB) and circuitry on the backside, which requires hot-via signal paths.

Project leader: Anna Malmros (Chalmers)

Partners : Chalmers, Saab, Ericsson, Gotmic, UMS, SweGaN, Linköping University

Example of a full MMIC wafer processed at Chalmers and a mulifuctional MMIC (low noise amplifier and resistive mixer) designed and fabricated at Chalmers

Developing next generation high-power 𝜷-Ga2O3 material

𝜷-Ga2O3 has a break-down electric field of 9 MV/cm, which combined with the availability of affordable native substrates makes the material very attractive for high Power applications. In this Project we will develop hot-wall MOCVD of   \beta, and related Alloys, and will design, fabricate and characterize Power field effect transistors and Schottky barrier diodes.

Project leader: Jawad ul Hassan (LiU)

Education and outreach

In this Project we will organize and structure outreach and education activities, including PhD and Master student Courses, and career development. Main focus will be also to provide better visibility of the center.

Project leader: Philipp Kühne (LiU)

Philipp giving a lecture at Pint of Science